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Non-precious frameworks have really come into their own in recent years; being light weight, strong and very cost effective. Non-precious alloys also give a great ceramic bond and they etch very well so luting is possible. Basically they are fulfilling all of the criteria that precious alloys did but at a significantly lower cost. That’s not to say that all non-precious alloys are good, but our technicians have carefully investigated and trialled the various options and are extremely happy with the alloys they’ve selected.


Obviously precious frameworks still have their place and if this is your framework of choice our technicians are very happy to assist. We’ll simply charge the gold weight on top of the unit price.



Coupling vast amounts of experience with top quality porcelain allows our technicians to create shades and shapes that look exceptionally natural and that fit beautifully.




Single crowns

All bridge applications including long span bridges


Our Crown & Bridge team have built an unrivalled reputation for delivering outstanding, functional, aesthetic whether they are made from gold, ceramic or Zirconia.


We have the skill, knowledge and expertise to work alongside you to determine the optimum material choice for each individual patient.


Zirconia Restorations


Zirconia offers dentists a biocompatible precise and highly aesthetic alternative to PFM restorations.

Zirconia will bring beauty and strength to your most challenging cases also exceeds and meets both clinical and patient demands.

Zirconia restorations are milled and sintered on a pre-shaded (coloured) discs according to the VITA colour code with natural colour gradient with natural translucency and natural opacity gradient, which is all manufactured in our Laboratory .

Our technician can easily add staining to make each restoration unique for each case.

There are lots of advantages using Zirconia is their strength, the ability to mill as thin as 0.5mm.

With Precious Alloys there is no waste and also No VAT and a saving of 20%, you receive a guarantee card for both Precious Alloys and Zirconia.

How’s it Done:-


You can either use an intra scanner which will give accurate scanned data, which can be sent to us over on a STL file or take an impression which we can be scanned by us and uploaded into a STL file.

The technician will then design and enter necessary information, check all is correct for the workflow to proceed to the milling centre.

Once up loaded at the milling centre the restoration is manufactured to precision on a pre-shaded discs ensuring optimised fit and a fast product.




Lithium disilicate

This is generally E-max an Ivoclar product that has been around for the last 10+ years this is a highly proven product that when adhesively bonded is high in strength, these are extremely aesthetic especially on vital teeth where the tooth and restoration will harmonise ie inlays onlays ,veneers. This product can also be used for small span bridges in the anterior region if there is not a hard bite, for larger span bridges of more than three units and a bonded to metal bridge is not requested then zirconia will fill this requirement


We have been using E-max for several years, recently we have been on a course to enrich our knowledge of E-max and update on E-max Ceram with all the latest possibilities of layering enriching the texture and fabrication of a tooth.

The other great thing about E-max is that you can also take into consideration the tooth under the crown as E-max allows you to take that shade into consideration and use the correct blocking shade so the desired effect can be reached.


The effect of an E-max crown or bridge is that natural brightness, natural look, with the new technology of using a layering technique onto an E-max allows you to offer a natural looking tooth to your patient.


Porcelain Bonded Crowns & Bridges


Bonded to metal

This is still one of the most popular crowns bridge unit choices. This is porcelain bonded to either precious or non- precious alloy. This technique can produce very good aesthetic results and can be used in any situation thus being a favourite choice but, there are now better material choices that produce greater aesthetic results.


The porcelain that we use on our Precious and Non-Precious bonding alloy to build up and layer is Vita VM13 and VMK Master, these shades can give an extensive array of colours to match up any apposing teeth, with the expertise of our Technicians this allows them to create the perfect match, shape and definition to match for a perfect tooth.


With our Porcelain bonded crowns and bridges, we use Non-precious or precious metals this allows the Dentist to decide.

Our Non-Precious metal is Cobalt Chrome, Precious Bonding metal is Pallidum, based typically on 61%

We have tried many different alloys but non-surpass these products to us, they suit us well.

The Laboratory will supply you with certificates on request.  




We cast with confidence knowing that we can trace all our metals Precious and Non Precious.



Crowns & Bridges


Full morphology precious crowns are designed by us , after being designed we now send them by an STL file to a company to Lazier melt/sinter them.  This allows for no wastage of gold and the product is stamped and numbered so it can be fully traced.

The precision of now scanning and milling is so that there is no wastage.


Full morphology Gold crowns and inlays our dentists will not have to pay VAT on the gold, we charge you the gold price that is on the invoice to us, plus the charge of us making it, so less expensive for the dentist.

Non Precious

Full morphology crowns and inlays are milled in our laboratory, both yellow or silver colour.


Digital Dental Laboratory

Call 01255 820200




Fastly becoming very popular Implants are becoming more accessible to more and more patients.

We enjoy the fact that patients can opt for this procedure as it has such an amazing effect.


We do a variety of Implants and have been Straumann Platinum registered for the past five years.  After the initial course in this form of implant a yearly top up is needed to assure future registration.  As well as being Straumann registered, technicians also except all major types of implants, these also benefit from being digitally produced using our 3 shape abutment programme.


There are many dental Implant brands but we can make any that you require.

Our dentist that use us to make implants for them have been very happy with the service.  You provided the casting abutments or we can order them for you and we will make your Implant.


All the implant materials are certified and quality controlled before they are sent to you.

If you would like to use us for this service please call and speak to our Implantology Technician for any advice on any system.  

All of them are made and cast in our laboratory.




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